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Handmade Women's Antique Brown Leather Barefoot Sneakers

Handmade Women's Antique Brown Leather Barefoot Sneakers

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Handmade Women's Antique Brown Leather Barefoot SneakersHandmade Women's Burgundy Leather Barefoot SneakersHandmade Women's Black Leather Barefoot SneakersHandmade Women's Navy Blue Leather Barefoot SneakersHandmade Women's White Leather Barefoot SneakersHandmade Women's Light Pink Leather Barefoot SneakersHandmade Women's New Brown Leather Barefoot SneakersHandmade Women's Matte Brown Leather Barefoot SneakersHandmade Women's Visionary Leather Barefoot Sneakers Handmade Women's Gray Leather Barefoot SneakersHandmade Women's Brown Leather Barefoot Sneakers
Experience the fusion of tradition and modernity with our Antique Brown Barefoot Sneakers, meticulously crafted from rare buffalo leather. Every step you take resonates with the legacy of skilled craftsmanship, ensuring unparalleled comfort and grounding. The rich brown hue exudes a timeless elegance, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Whether you're stepping out for a casual day or gearing up for an evening out, these sneakers promise a blend of style, comfort, and a connect. . .

Our return and exchange policy

We do not offer refunds if the item has been shipped, but we are happy to exchange it. In shoes made according to foot size, there are almost no size-related changes. If you want to change the size or for any other reason, you have the right to do so. You have 14 days after receipt for this.

To accept the return; The product must not have been tested more than once in a clean environment, be uncontaminated, undamaged and unused. You can contact us on our WhatsApp line (+90 551 275 27 27) for change. We offer a returns address in Oregon for our customers in the United States and the Netherlands for customers in Europe.

Size & Fit Guide

Our footwear is truly made by hand using natural materials, so the fitting should be snug at first, allowing them to break in and stretch over time. Please read our thoughtful notes describing our beautiful shoes to insure you get the perfect fit!



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Customer Reviews

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D Murray
High Quality Leather Shoes

I have never owned a pair of all leather shoes, to mean the ones having a leather sole also. I wasn't certain if I could tolerate not having a foam or rubber sole to cushion my feet, but to my surprise they were comfortable. I will likely have to gradually increase my wear time over different types of terrain, but that is fine for my 57 year old feet. I am also looking forward to the grounding benefits, which was my motivation to purchase these shoes. I will use some caution on smooth surfaces until I have established some traction wear on the soles, as they may be slick from the smooth leather. The size I ordered was perfect and so far I am very pleased with the shoes. Thank you!

free toes

Free Toes

Grant your toes some much-needed freedom by allowing your toes to splay into their natural posture.

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