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Barefoot Shoes with Nefes Shoes Quality

Stylish Barefoot Shoes for Women

Barefoot Shoes Women: Discover Stylish and Comfortable Options for Every Occasion

  • thin outsole

    Thin outsole

    Present your feet with the sensory feedback they crave. Feel the ground and reconnect with the environment.

  • wide tox box

    Wide toe box

    Grant your toes some much-needed freedom by allowing your toes to splay into their natural posture.

  • zero drop


    A flat sole provides the best base for a natural and upright posture and helps save you from knee, hip, or back pain.

  • flexible


    A soft and flexible sole enables your feet’s full range of motion, which is crucial for a natural walking pattern.

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  • Yemeni Shoes

    Why should you choose Yemeni?

    Since Yemeni is made of genuine leather, the sweat formed on the feet is drawn out thanks to its air permeability. That's why the "breathing shoe" analogy is made for the Yemeni.

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  • Barefoot Shoes

    Leather sole for instant ground feedback

    A foot alone contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and thousands of nerve endings. These nerves provide necessary sensory feedback from the ground to your brain.

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