Are the toe boxes of these Barefoot shoes wide enough?

We've designed these shoes to allow your toes to comfortably spread out inside. Don't worry! Your toes will be more free than ever and return to their natural shape. These shoes are not like unhealthy ones that press on your feet from the top or sides.

What are the characteristics of the buffalo leather used in the sole of your shoes, and does it have any grounding effects?

Nefes Shoes is a brand characterized by the use of buffalo leather in its soles. All products feature buffalo leather soles with a thickness ranging from 5 to 8 millimeters. These leathers are of the highest quality. Buffalo leather is a natural material. Its micro-porous structure keeps your feet dry during the summer months, preventing sweating and aiding in the prevention of skin conditions associated with sweating, such as itching, eczema, odor, and fungus.

Because buffalo leather is used in the soles, Nefes Shoes products belong to the rare category of footwear entirely made from genuine natural leather. Shoes with buffalo leather soles are significantly different from those made from rubber, plastic, or other petroleum-based materials. Since this sole is a natural material, it provides the same effect as walking on the ground, offering dynamism and a healing effect. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Why did you add copper rivets to the sole of the shoe?

The human foot alone consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, and thousands of nerve endings, which provide essential sensory feedback from the ground to your brain. The copper rivets in the sole of our Nefes Handmade Barefoot Shoes are made of a highly conductive material. Copper not only grounds the electricity in your body but also enhances emotional feedback. According to Chinese Medicine, these copper rivets are placed at the kidney point on the foot. The K1 point is the most effective for grounding.

Imagine eliminating all these inputs with unhealthy plastic shoe soles. Do you blindfold yourself every time you leave the house? Probably not. By choosing shoes made from unnatural materials, you're essentially blinding the perceptive "eyes" of your skillful feet. With Nefes shoes, you'll have the opportunity to establish a strong connection. This is a 700-year-old ancient tradition. It remains popular because millions continue to benefit from it.

Why are there no heels in your shoes?

Zero-drop shoes provide the best foundation for a natural and upright posture. When we wear shoes that drop from the heel to the toe, it disrupts the alignment of our entire body. Wearing high-heeled shoes can chronically shorten your calf muscles and reduce the range of motion in your ankles, leading to pain in your Achilles tendon. To save you from all these problems and provide you with benefits, we don't use heels in our shoes.

Isn't the sole of your shoes too thin?

The buffalo leather we use in the soles of our shoes is a natural material. We don't promise a standard thickness. Typically, it ranges from 5 to 8 millimeters. A thin sole allows you to feel the ground better. Your toes and nerves are stimulated more, enhancing your balance and walking ability. Issues like falls and injuries tend to decrease over time.

Are these shoes lightweight?

Depending on the size, these shoes range from 250 grams to 400 grams. That's what we call perfect lightness. If you've ever worn amazing minimalist shoes before, you'll never want to go back to regular shoes. One reason these shoes become icons on the streets in Turkey every summer is because of this.

Is the sole of the shoes slippery?

The buffalo leather we use in the soles of our shoes is initially flat and smooth. The surface provides increased traction with wear over a few days. While the sole may initially appear very flat, we can say that we receive very few complaints related to slipping or falling. You may be new to these shoes. Please remember that these shoes represent a culture that has been living in another part of the world (Anatolia) for about 700 years and is preferred by millions of people.

Were these shoes designed for outdoor or indoor use?

Handmade Breathable Shoes are perfect for wearing outdoors, in the countryside, or while camping during the summer months. In the winter, they are perfect for wearing indoors, such as at home or in the office. Like other shoes made from genuine leather, Breathable shoes are also water permeable. They are not suitable for rainy days.

Do copper rivets and leather soles ground on every surface?

We conducted some measurements to test grounding effects on various surfaces. Grounding effects were observed on Earth, Grass, Concrete, Stone, Gravel, and Sand surfaces. However, we found that grounding effects did not work on Asphalt and Synthetic surfaces.

Are these shoes entirely handmade?

After cutting the leather pieces with a press machine, we complete all processes such as sewing and molding by hand. Due to being handmade, the production process takes approximately 4 days to complete.

What is grounding effect, and how can I tell if I'm grounded with these shoes?

Research on grounding indicates a wide range of positive health outcomes:

  • Improved sleep
  • Reduction or significant decrease in inflammation
  • Relief or significant reduction in pain
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Normalization effect on the stress hormone cortisol
  • Calming effects on the nervous system
  • Reduction of blood viscosity
  • Improvement in glucose (blood sugar) regulation
  • Prevention of calcium and bone density loss, reduction of osteoporosis indicators
  • Increase in metabolism rate
  • Impact on thyroid gland function
  • Reduction of muscle damage, acceleration of recovery after strenuous exercise
  • Accelerated wound healing
  • Enhancement of the immune system response to trauma and injury
  • Normalization of muscle tension
  • Reduction in nighttime urination frequency
  • Reduction in PMS symptoms and hot flashes
  • Anti-aging effects

What kind of leather do you use in the shoes?

We use genuine leather in all our shoes. We use buffalo leather as standard in the soles. For the inner and upper parts of the shoes, we use cowhide. Genuine leathers are categorized into 3 based on material quality: Low, Medium, and High. Since its establishment, Nefes Shoes has adhered to a brand policy of using only high-quality leathers.

Do you use synthetic leather?

No, we do not use synthetic leather in any of our products.

Do you use vegan leather?

No, we do not use vegan leather in any of our products.

How long do these shoes last?

It varies depending on usage, but they generally last for more than 2 years.

How do I determine my correct size?

You will find our size chart on the product page. We recommend referring to our size chart when determining your measurements. We love to provide custom fittings for your foot measurements. We suggest reviewing the measurement method on the product page. In short, place your foot on a piece of paper. Align the back and front of your foot and mark points on the paper. Measure the distance between the two marks and note it in centimeters. Please inform us of the length of your foot in the order notes.

How long do I have to cancel my order after placing it?

We immediately initiate the production process once your order reaches us. Production typically begins within 2 hours at the latest. Please be aware that once the production process has started, we cannot cancel your order. However, feel free to send a message to nefesshoes@gmail.com to inquire with our customer service team whether production has commenced or not.

Can I wear these shoes for sports or outdoor activities?

Yes, they are perfect for outdoor activities. Many people prefer these shoes for sports events. It's entirely up to your preference.

What are the distinguishing features of these shoes?

Their lightweight design, spacious toe box, zero drop, all-leather construction including the sole, and breathable structure set these handmade barefoot shoes apart from others. Additionally, the earthing effect is supported by the copper rivet in the sole.

My feet sweat a lot. Can I still wear these shoes?

Nefes Shoes are made from genuine leather, which is breathable due to its micro-porous structure. Additionally, the shoes effectively breathe through the large stitches on their soles. As your feet move inside, a vacuum effect occurs, allowing constant airflow. This prevents sweating. With reduced sweating, problems like foot odor, fungus, eczema, and itching are greatly reduced or completely eliminated.

I have a deformity in my big toe. Can I still wear these shoes?

Unlike shoes designed to compress the toes, all Nefes Shoes products provide ample space for the toes. We recommend consulting a specialist to address the deformity in your big toe. These shoes, at the very least, will not exacerbate the condition. They provide the necessary space for your toes to spread comfortably.


Where do you manufacture these barefoot shoes?

We manufacture these shoes in the city of Gaziantep, located in the Southeast of Turkey. The shoes are produced after your order is placed, with a production time usually ranging from 4 to 5 days.

Which courier companies do you work with?

We ship with DHL Express and UPS Courier.

How many people are on your production team?

We have a continuously growing and dynamic team. As of April 2024, we have approximately 30 team members.

How many shoes do you produce per day?

As these shoes are handcrafted, production takes some time. On average, we produce around 100 pairs per day.


When do you ship the shoes?

Our shipping team typically adds a tracking number to your order a few hours after the order is placed. This indicates that the production process has officially begun, rather than the product being shipped. Please note that tracking activity on the shipping number will commence approximately 5 days later.

Where do you ship the shoes from?

We manufacture these shoes in Turkey. They are dispatched from our production workshop in Gaziantep.

Is shipping included in the price I see?

For Europe and the US, yes. Shipping is free for these regions. If you are in Australia or Canada, you will be asked to pay an additional $15 for shipping on the payment page. This is due to shipping rates. Additional shipping fees are also charged for distant countries like Japan, Brazil, India, and Singapore, at varying rates.

Will I have to pay customs duties for the shoes?

Customs duties are imposed by the recipient's country and are unrelated to our company. Rules and fees vary for each country. Generally, the US does not usually impose customs duties.

What happens if I'm not at my address when the shoes arrive?

The courier will contact you via phone or email to inform you that delivery was unsuccessful. If they cannot find you at your address after 2 or 3 attempts, your shoes will be destroyed. The courier holds the shoes at the delivery branch for 1 week. During this time, you can pick up your shoes from the courier branch. Please be aware that after 1 week, the shoes will be destroyed.

Can the shoes be delivered to a PO Box address?

In the US, the PO Box system is for envelopes, papers, or notifications weighing less than 0.5 kilograms. A box containing shoes weighs approximately 1 kilogram and cannot be delivered to a PO Box. In this case, your package will be held at the nearest courier branch for 1 week. You must collect the package. If you do not collect it within 1 week, it will be destroyed.

What happens if the shoes get lost in transit?

We will refund your money or resend the shoes to you.

What if I refuse to accept the package due to customs duties or other reasons?

If your package reaches your address, Nefes Shoes has fulfilled its responsibility. Customs are beyond our control. You can receive your package by fulfilling the requirements of your country. Please note that we will not accept refund requests in such cases.


If I receive shoes in a color different from what I ordered, what should I do?

Immediately contact our customer service. We will ask you to send the shoes you received to an address in the US. We will produce the ordered shoes as quickly as possible and send them to your address free of charge.

If I receive shoes in a size different from what I ordered, what should I do?

If the size written inside the shoe is different from the one in your order, contact our customer service. We will ask you to send the shoes you received to an address in the US. We will produce the ordered shoes as quickly as possible and send them to your address free of charge.

If I receive a different model from what I ordered, what should I do?

For example, if you ordered brown lace-up shoes from us but received brown shoes without laces when you opened the box, contact our customer service. We will ask you to send the shoes you received to an address in the US. We will produce the ordered shoes as quickly as possible and send them to your address free of charge.

What if my notes in the order were not taken into account?

We carefully read any notes related to size or personalization and incorporate them into the production process of your order. If a note related to size was accidentally overlooked due to a busy work pace, we will make it right. Contact our customer service. We will ask you to send the shoes you received to an address in the US. We will produce the ordered shoes as quickly as possible and send them to your address free of charge.

If your note is related to personalization, for example, if you asked us to write "joel" on the shoe but we accidentally wrote "joal," we will not accept returns or exchanges for this shoe. Instead, we will provide you with a discount code that you can use for future orders.

What if I made a mistake in taking measurements and now the shoes don't fit me?

Please consult our customer service.

Will I have to pay the shipping cost for the items I will return?

Regardless of the reason, all shipping costs for returns or exchanges are the responsibility of the buyer.

I sent the shoes for exchange to my address in the US. Who will pay for the shipping when you send the new shoes from Turkey?

The replacement shoes sent from Turkey are also covered under free shipping. This additional shipping cost is covered by Nefes Shoes.

Where should I send these shoes for return or exchange?

You can contact our customer service for detailed address information at nefesshoes@gmail.com

Do you accept payments through PayPal?

No, we only accept payments through the Stripe or iyzico payment platforms.


Nefes Shoes products. Do not paint. Do not wash in the washing machine. Do not expose to excessive water. When dirty or dusty, simply clean with a damp cloth. You can apply almond oil to soften the leather. If your shoes get very wet, wear them while damp to prevent excessive shrinkage.


nefesshoes@gmail.com is where you can send an email for any questions about our products. Our customer service team checks emails daily and will definitely get back to you.