About Us

hi I'm Okan,

I'm 34 years old and the current official of nefes yemeni workshop, which was opened in the 1950s by my great grandfather Abdülkadir Bayram in Gaziantep handmade products bazaar. We make yemeni shoes and barefoot shoes in our handmade shoe production workshop.

Offering a unique shoe experience in summer, these healthy shoes promise more functionality than moccasins, loafers, slip-on, espadrilles and huarece styles. In grounding shoes, we support the sole with copper rivets and keep your body online with nature. Our Etsy Store is up to date. I will personally take care of your order.

My assistants ibrahim and sevim also follow the production and cargo processes with me. when you buy shoe from us, you support the tradesmen of gaziantep handmade products market and contribute to the survival of this profession.

You can write to us for your questions and comments. please contact us for your wholesale product orders.