Breathable Healthy Shoes Yemeni

Yemeni is made of genuine leather.

The sweat formed on the feet is drawn out thanks to its air permeability. Problems such as sweating, odor, fungus and eczema on the feet of people who start to wear Yemeni reduce or completely disappear over time.

As the foot moves inside, it creates a vacuum effect, air circulation occurs from the inside to the outside through the stitching holes and the pores of the skin. That's why the "breathing shoe" analogy is made for the Yemeni.

Those who wear Yemeni for the first time often say that they feel as if they are in direct contact with the soil. This is explained by the absence of plastic or any other chemical substance between the soil and the foot. The more natural the soil is, the more natural and healthy is the buffalo skin, which we call the leather between your feet and the soil. Since the skin of buffaloes living in water and marshes is resistant to water, it has become the preferred standard for the sole of the Yemeni for centuries in terms of both thickness and durability.

While the modern shoe industry mainly uses plastic and various chemicals, it offers a natural shoe experience with all its parts, from the sole to the inner lining, from the sewing thread to the adhesive.
When you wear the Yemeni, you allow the bad energy in your body to be quickly absorbed by the soil.

Some Internal Medicine Physicians advise diabetics to wear a "Yemen" in order to "slow down the progression of diabetic foot ulcers". It is recommended that people in this situation wear Yemeni without socks.

Yemeni; It offers an indescribable foot comfort that can not be worn for years due to its practical wear, lightness, flexible structure, texture of the lining and softness like dough. Due to the fact that it has no heel and the characteristic of the sole leather, the Yemeni is shown in the class of orthopedic shoes.

While Yemeni is worn indoors in winter, it is preferred in open areas in summer.