Why We Made the Wide Toe, Copper Riveted, All-Natural Grounding Shoe?

Why We Made the Wide Toe, Copper Riveted, All-Natural Grounding Shoe?

We are always looking for natural products to rub into our bodies. We think our shoes should be no different. After all, our feet contain a quarter of all bones in the body and have more sweat glands and sensory nerve endings than any other part of the body.

The Earth has an abundance of electrons that our bodies cannot absorb naturally with synthetic-soled shoes. The copper rivet and our natural leather sole allow electrons to pass freely from the ground to our body.

These electrons help our body return to its neutral state and are known to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system. "How can a shoe do all this?" you can say. You can see that this is possible with Nefes Shoes, which are made of natural leather and have copper ground rivets in the sole.

Many people who wear these shoes talk about an addiction they cannot fully describe. She says she doesn't want to wear anything but these shoes anymore. This situation can only be explained as "meeting the needs of the feet with natural methods". These are among many other benefits. We recommend that you do your own research on grounding!

We wanted a thin, zero-drop-based product.

This is important to us because our bodies are designed to walk barefoot and feel the contours of our beautiful Mother Earth.

Our shoes allow you to walk naturally without supporting the heel strike from your toes like high heels like other shoes.

Our shoes do not have arch support that helps strengthen your feet naturally.

Thanks to the porous feature of our vegetable tanned buffalo leather sole, you can wear your Nefes shoes without socks, your feet will not smell and sweat. We don't want to speak for everyone here; ) but our team witnessed excellent results without shoe odor and foot sweat!

We knew from the very beginning that we had to make an all-natural product. While preparing the designs, we dreamed of today's healthy and stylish person. We spent weeks making a shoe that would get them excited.

We knew that the shoes we were going to make should consist of natural materials and be conductive. We know that integration with the soil is good for human physiology. We like to be barefoot to integrate with mother earth.
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