Why should you switch to natural shoes made entirely of leather?

Why should you switch to natural shoes made entirely of leather?

Pointy toed, high heeled shoes, which are an imposition of shoe fashion, seem to be designed to disrupt the natural function of your feet. It is the direct cause of problems with our feet. These shoes are designed very narrow. It puts pressure on your toes and disrupts their natural posture. A high heel causes shortening of your calves and restricts the mobility of our ankles. Another problem is the supporting arches. This causes your natural arch-forming muscles to weaken. It steals your feet's sensing ability. As if that weren't enough, they have a thick sole made of unnatural materials. This is the worst. Dozens of nerves in our feet are designed in such a way that we can feel the ground. These soles, which are made of unhealthy materials, almost blind your feet. It doesn't let you feel the ground. You must stop doing this evil to your feet.

Use your feet as they were designed to be used.

Our feet have adapted over millions of years to work best with nothing covering them. Based on this - whenever you go barefoot (indoors, at home, in the office, in the gym), you should try to be barefoot.

However, it is often necessary to protect our feet from cuts, scrapes or extreme temperatures, and that's why we invented the shoe: the garment that covers and protects the foot. Unfortunately, in recent years, shoes have gone from being something we use to protect our feet to something that really hurts our feet. Narrow, pointed, hard, ramped, supportive, cushioned shoes have become the norm and are costing our foot health.

“My foot doesn't hurt, why should I change it?”

Most people with dysfunctional feet have zero foot pain. Again. If the arch of your foot has flattened, you can guarantee that after spending enough time on your feet, they will start to ache.

Waiting until your car breaks down to fix it is unwise, and waiting until your feet start to ache is a bad way to treat your body. Fix the problem before it becomes a problem by learning about your feet, working on foot strength and mobility, spending more time barefoot, and switching to natural shoes.

What's so bad about the shoes I'm wearing right now?

You may not have foot pain or a problem with your feet right now, but if you regularly wear high-heeled shoes with arch support and pointed toes, it's only a matter of time before problems arise. You may think heels look great, but they save enough time and negatively affect your posture and change the structure of your foot.
Most people think that a padded, supportive shoe is good for their feet, and this shows how little we understand the mechanics of the foot and how much advertising power the athletic shoe industry has. Arch support (also known as "motion control") in a shoe weakens your natural arch-forming muscles and is one of the main causes of flat feet. Cushioning in a shoe blocks the appropriate sensory feedback from the ground below us, which guides optimal movement.

If you are not currently using natural shoes and you have pain, the thing you should focus on is your shoes. Do not prioritize fashion at the expense of your foot health!

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