"These Are The Things I've Been Looking For For Years"

"These Are The Things I've Been Looking For For Years"

I’ve been wearing barefoot shoes for almost a decade now, but I was always left feeling like nothing on offer hit the spot.

I’ve worn Vivobarefoot, Groundies, Lems, Vibrams, Earthrunners, Feelgrounds, Saguaro and more… but always felt they could be better.

Most look a little sporty, technical, weird or in other words… barefoot. I came to accept that a wider toe box and flat sole came at an aesthetic cost.

I’ve never been a trainer kind of guys, so before my transition to barefoot I was a big fan of boots - from RM Williams Chelsea Boots, Clark’s Desert Boots and my beloved Dr. Martens.

But you don’t have to be an expert to realise these mess your feet up. So having dedicated myself to the barefoot/minimalist path, the boots had to go. And unfortunately the alternatives were kind of ugly (and remain so).

Fast forward to a few months ago, I was looking for a barefoot dress shoe on Etsy and I saw the shoe I’d been looking for all these years…

It was a beautiful handmade desert boot by a fellow named Okan in Turkey. He’d taken the concept of a traditional Yemeni style shoe (which are inherently minimalist) and combined it with modern Chelsea and desert boot styles. Plus he’d introduced a wider toe box and thin zero drop sole all without sacrificing the beauty of the shoe itself.

I immediately purchased a pair and was absolutely blown away by the craftsmanship, comfort and aesthetic. They are INCREDIBLE.

I asked Okan if he would be cool with me promoting his brand and we came to an agreement (full disclaimer - he didn’t come to me, I went to him).

So I now have the pleasure of giving you the opportunity to get 15% off all Okan’s shoes and boots using the code BODYWEIGHTDUDE at @nefesshoes (or using the link in my bio).

I don’t collaborate with brands often, but I had to make this one happen - the product is too good to miss and I truly believe in it.

Jake Wood
Bodyweight Coach, UK

Source: instgaram / @bodyweightdude

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