Natural Leather Barefoot Boots

Natural Leather Barefoot Boots

Leather shoes, whose use is as old as human history, have become a part of daily life today. Leather processing, which emerges as a result of livestock activities, has gained an aesthetic appearance with handmade leather shoes in recent years. Barefoot leather shoes are healthier than natural synthetic shoes because they are a collagen-based protein. In general, the reasons for using natural and real leather in making leather shoes; the characteristics of the leather are that it has an elastic structure. That the form of the leather does not deteriorate during wearing, and that the handmade leather shoes can take their old shape after removing them. It is a type of shoe in which leather is used as raw material in barefoot boots, which are a type of natural leather shoes, and natural materials are used in the tanning process.

Natural leather barefoot boots are made from the crop area on the back of the animal, and the sole is produced from the animal lesson. Since the sole and toe parts of the natural leather barefoot boots are equal, the weight is evenly distributed over the whole body, not the heel part. This prevents posture disorders in the body. The natural leather barefoot boots produced in Nefes Shoes adapt to the climate of the region, they are preferred. We can see the ability of natural leather to retain heat, transfer sweat that may occur on the feet, and provide air circulation in natural leather barefoot boots. Because waterproof natural leather barefoot boots do not have chemical properties, they have a longer-term usage area compared to industrial production shoes. Nefes Shoes has responded to the preferences of all ages and all genders with their natural leather barefoot boots, color, and pattern varieties. As a result of combining the personal tastes of each individual with the aesthetic dimension, Nefes Shoes' natural leather barefoot boots have made their presence felt permanent.

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