Natural Leather Barefoot And Zero Drop Footwear Products

Natural Leather Barefoot And Zero Drop Footwear Products

Since the anatomical structure of each foot is different, the mold is especially important in handmade shoes. In today's industry, most of the shoes produced in different forms have been kept in the foreground. Foot health is in the background. This understanding affected not only the foot but also the posture of the body. One of the biggest reasons why leather, which has an elastic structure, is preferred today as it was in the past. Handmade shoes made of natural leather will take the shape of the foot no matter what environment it is worn in without losing its form. The skin of the animal is used in handmade natural leather shoes. All kinds of Nefes Shoes shoes, made of handmade natural leather, have the ability to retain heat, provide air circulation, and transfer sweat to the feet.

Barefoot shoes are so called because they allow your feet to move like bare feet. Barefoot style is used in most shoes. In barefoot shoes made of handmade leather, the foot fully grasps the ground. Barefoot style is not just a one-of-a-kind shoe. In barefoot slippers, barefoot comfortable shoes and barefoot boots, the foot's grip on the ground prevents heel strikes. In this way, your mobility will be more comfortable. Zero drop feature in barefoot shoe types refers to the height difference between the shoe and the toe. Zero drop is extremely important in maintaining balance.

The zero drop sole has cutouts that increase the flexibility of the foot. Zero drop shoes, which provide maximum freedom of movement, have given life to all types of shoes as well as boots. Wool is optionally used in the winter series of zero drop boots. Wool is used in the inner lining and a natural product model is provided with tightly woven threads. Wool is a natural insulator and water repellent. At the same time, being covered with handmade natural leather, the zero drop boots also have an integrated material that helps protect against moisture and water. Casual handmade zero drop shoes for men, Zero Drop Boots Fur Handmade Leather, Barefoot Zero Drop Footwear For Men, Office Wear Slippers For Men Antique Brown Fur Leather products have all the features above like other products in Nefes Shoes products. In their production, natural leather and natural products were used in the joining part. Production was carried out by considering every style without discrimination of gender and age. The colors used in daily shoes, slippers, boots and Yemeni varieties are the colorants obtained from the blending of natural products. At any time of the year, you can order zero drop barefoot products such as Yemeni, slippers and sandals from Nefes Shoes shopping site without any hesitation.
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