More than a barefoot shoe: All genuine leather and Handmade

More than a barefoot shoe: All genuine leather and Handmade

For centuries, leather shoes have become real cultural treasures. The first shoes to be seen with the first people, were obtained from tree bark and animal skins. The basic material of the shoe is leather. After settled life, people learned to process the skins with their hands. With the patterns and ornaments made on leather shoes, it has turned into art over time. Leather shoes have started to be used as needed and have become a powerful object.


Fashion evolves by changing. With the development of production and material technology, in order to meet the increasing need in leather shoes, it has started to turn to industrial methods in the production of leather shoes, and the diversity of its products has increased. Leather shoes have been the consumer element that directs fashion. The tanning of leather shoes was done in different forms, and the production increased, but foot health remained in the background. This understanding also negatively affects the posture of the body. Handmade leather shoes, which are also considered as sustainable production, have taken their place in the world market with the way of production and the material used. Leather shoes have started to be produced for women and men for every taste. The most important feature of these handmade leather shoes; Whether leather shoes are for male or female users, they are suitable for the anatomical structure of the foot. Instead of being a single type of handmade leather shoes; shoes such as boots, sneakers and barefoot have also been breathed. White leather sneakers, one of the most preferred models in women's shoes, have an extremely aesthetic structure with their style and elegance. Although black loafers look high-soled, they are suitable for foot anatomy because they are leather shoes. Barefoot shoes are soft handmade leather shoes and natural products are used all over the shoe. This provides you with high comfort service. Barefoot shoes, with their various colors, have transitioned to much more than being an accessory that completes your outfit.
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Leather shoes have preserved the traditional texture and have become a complementary object in today's fashion. When personal understanding is combined with aesthetic perception, excellent results have emerged. You won't only wear handmade leather shoes of any color, style, or condition. You will act as a cultural ambassador carrying handmade leather shoes from the past to the present! Here is one of the strongest reasons to choose these shoes!

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Do your shoes have a synthetic insole? I’m looking for ALL leather. Thank you.

Wanda Holderman

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