How to keep your feet healthy for a better life

How to keep your feet healthy for a better life

Feet are one of the most important parts of the human body, without our feet we cannot do our jobs well.

Cleaning the house needs healthy feet and going to work needs healthy feet, and we can only do sports well with healthy feet, So we have to take care of our feet as much as we care about anything else.

Not only that, but it is considered an aesthetic matter for both women and men. A woman who cares about her beauty should pay attention to the beauty of her feet, and a man who is looking for attractiveness should pay attention to the cleanliness of his feet.

Foot health is closely linked to all aspects of our lives. For example, if you have a foot problem that irritates the skin, this will prevent you from performing sports, then this will reflect negatively on the general health of the body,  as such  it will affect the psychological health of the individual.

Toenails may become infected with fungi, which in turn causes itching under the nails, or the color of the nail may change to yellow, or it may change its shape and move in the corners downwards, the nail is stuck in the skin and this causes great pain that may hinder the movement of the individual and therefore we must pay attention to choosing the type the shoe should not be tight.

From a health point of view, taking care of diabetic foot health is crucial. Paying attention to foot hygiene and trimming the nails prevents diabetics from developing diabetic foot, which may lead to serious complications such as leg amputation. In the beginning, the person with diabetes must control the level of sugar in the blood and cumulative sugar, and then the importance of choosing the right shoe for him.

In both cases , the leather shoe is the best choice for your feet. Natural leather gives a feeling of comfort because it is soft and thus will prevent the formation of calluses and prevent skin irritation, in addition, there will be no pressure on the nails. Nefesshoes has a great selection of leather shoes, you can also order handmade shoes made of natural leather.

Women with diabetes should avoid wearing high heels because it puts pressure on the front of the foot and causes ulcers. They can chose barefoot shoe, or Wide Fit Heels shoe, from  Nefesshoes, This design keeps your feet cool and dry as the feet  are saturated with oxygen, because it is made of high quality calf leather inside and out, and the sole is made of buffalo leather. Thus it will prevent skin problems such as blisters, eczema and fungi, this design gives your toes freedom by allowing your toes spreading in their natural state.

Flatfeet is a common condition, in which the arches on the inside of the feet flatten when pressure is put on them. When people with flatfeet stand up, the feet point outward, and the entire soles of the feet fall and touch the floor.

As well, there are some congenital problems, such as some children born with flat feet, flatfeet is a common condition, they have a lower arch than normal and appear flat on the ground. There is often no obvious cause for flat feet;

Sometimes flat feet run in families flat feet do not always cause symptoms, but sometimes it can cause: pain in the heel or leg, or other parts of the body such as the lower back. Also, high-intensity activities (such as running) are very challenging, and some may have difficulty walking or even standing for long periods of time.

The good news is that there are shoes that fit this type of feet, and sometimes these shoes may help in treating the problem to some extent, so parents should interested in this problem and pay attention to it since childhood.

For protect your bones and muscles we advise you to use barefoot shoes, when you use barefoot shoes, there will be an even pressure distribution while standing or walking in barefoot shoes; This relieves pressure on the knees and hips.

Nefesshoes are the perfect choice to find the right shoe, whether you have a health problem or to keep the foot comfortable.

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