How to choose the right shoe!

How to choose the right shoe!

Since ancient times, the human race has taken care of leather and used it for many purposes, and shoes were among these purposes. Given that natural leather is taken from animals, it means that we have different types of leather with different qualities.

Leather shoes give you the comfort of rubber shoes, and after wearing them for a while, the leather takes the shape of the foot, Which makes it snug around your foot and not tight. It also reduces the risk of dermatitis.

Natural leather is still on the throne of elegance, it is an excellent material in the manufacture of shoes, as it gives comfort to the foot, unlike shoes made of plastic and rubber, which are uncomfortable and may cause an unpleasant odor after several uses.

Black and brown leather shoes are the most common and elegant for modern people as they go well with many outfits. Always choose shoes made of genuine leather as it allows for breathability on the feet compared to synthetic leather, and you should always take care of these shoes to last longer by wiping dust off them, and you should also take care of storing your shoes properly and avoiding the pile on them.

If you have a general understanding of the characteristics of most types of shoe leather, you can make careful choices to choose the right shoe.
Handmade shoes may be the best choice, because it gives you the freedom to choose the type of leather and design to make it your personal shoe.
definitely the handmade shoes is more expensive, they have features that ready-to-wear shoes don't have, Let's review some of these features;

  • While ready-made shoes follow market trends, this means that you can find defects due to the huge production, as for handmade shoes, they will be made specifically for you and therefore will be free from these defects.
  • Handmade shoes are long lasting shoes, Because they are made of animal leather, they are soft and pliable. While the Ready-made shoes may not be pliable at times, as they may be made of artificial leather.
  • The wonderful aspect of handmade shoes is that they fit all sizes, This feature will not be found in ready-made shoes, because ready-made shoes that have pre-categorized measurements.
Handmade shoes made of genuine leather is the perfect choice for you. Just send on your foot size and define what details you like your shoe to have and your specially designed shoe will be ready to wear.

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