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Genuine Leather Zero Drop Seasonal Leather Boots

The main feature of barefoot shoes is that they are zero-drop. Zero drop means that the base height and the nose height are equal. Zero drop shoes are shoes that have minimal or no cushioning, leaving the feet flat on the surface of the shoe. The most widely advocated benefit of zero drop shoes is that it encourages less dependence on shoe hardware and more reliance on foot and leg muscles. The height ratio of the toe and heel of the zero drop shoe prepares the environment for zero-drop. Walking on hard surfaces with little or no support, such as in zero-drop shoes, causes our feet to collapse, which can place an enormous amount of stress not only on the foot but also on the rest of the body. Zero drop refers to the angle between your heel and your toes. Conventional shoes raise the heel by an average of 14-24 mm (0.5 -1.0), which misaligns the spine and causes an unnatural heel strike. In a zero-drop shoe, your heels and toes are flat, which mimics your natural barefoot position on a flat surface. There are many benefits to wearing zero drop shoes; such as improved ankle mobility, more natural running gait, better posture, improved balance, better alignment.


Zero drop shoes were not limited to a single type and gave life to many types of shoes. Leather boots are designed with zero-drop features in mind. Shoes and boots made of genuine leather have a soft flexible sole. It comfortably gives your feet full range of motion. Zero drop feature reduces muscle and back pain. Zero drop shoes and boots designed for women are made of genuine leather and take their place on every wardrobe shelf. Women's leather boots with a zero-drop feature that wraps around your calves and ankles; From the moment it meets your feet, it will take the shape of your body. With black combat boots for women, you will be as magnificent as the Nimbus clouds besides your stylish look. Wide calf boots for women are another type of women's boots that are preferred with their smooth leather appearance, comfortable use and zero-drop. The soles of these genuine leather boots are made of natural rubber to prevent slipping.

Brown leather women's boots appeal to versatile days with their black color option. Brown leather women's boots using natural materials and black leather women's boots are in perfect harmony with the zero-drop style. From rough roads to rough terrain, from indoor to outdoor; zero drop shoes were produced for the comfort of you women and will continue to be produced. Because every safe step is vital.

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