Barefoot shoes are everywhere

Barefoot shoes are everywhere

206 bones in our body; 52 are in our feet. During walking and stance, the bones, tendons and muscles in our feet act as shock absorbers. Like so, the weight pressure in our body is dissipated.

Except for barefoot shoes, the nose height is less than the sole in general. In non-barefoot shoes, we use our heels instead of our entire feet while standing and moving. When this becomes incessant, the tendons and muscles in our feet weaken. One of the main specials of barefoot shoes is that they are zero-drop. Because of movements that are not suitable for human anatomy and physiology; knee and hip pain, foot-related injuries, loss of balance. Muscles and tendons are strengthened for the sole height and toe height of the barefoot shoes are equal. Meanwhile, there will be equal pressure distribution during stance or walking with barefoot shoes; much less load is placed on our knees and hips. Foot muscles can move freely when they develop and grow. But traditional shoes do not have enough space for this. Non-barefoot shoes tend to taper towards the toe. Wearing shoes in this way also causes deformity in the toes. For all these reasons, this is why you should prefer barefoot shoes. 

Minimalist shoes with a heel-to-toe drop, high flexibility. Minimalist shoes interfere with the natural movement of the foot minimally. Because of this, minimalist shoes are not stability devices. Minimalist shoes are shoes that are intended to be very close to barefoot running or walking conditions compared to traditional shoes. Minimalist shoes have thin soles and a wide toe box. Minimalist shoes are lighter than other running shoes. As said by studies; show that wearing minimalist shoes helps improve foot strength and arch function. Minimal shoes; requires runners to rely more on their legs and feet as they need to pay attention to balance. A lower height difference in the heel and forefoot helps maintain stability. Minimalist shoes, being light, will be an ideal choice, especially for people who work on a busy schedule.

Barefoot running shoes came to the fore in 2009 when Christopher McDougall wrote the book Born To Run. As a runner and injured athlete himself, he was influenced by the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico, who ran hundreds of kilometers barefoot. In the 1970s, people's perception of running increased. This led to diversity in the shoe market. It has been noticed that thick-soled shoes prevent the natural movement of the foot. This is what pushes people to barefoot running shoes. In recent years, it is possible to see athletes with barefoot running shoes in the Eurasia Marathon. Barefoot shoes, which are preferred by athletes, have taken their place in people's daily lives over time. Minimalist trail shoes were also inspired by this style and were not limited to jogging athletes.

Except for barefoot shoes

Minimalist training shoes are designed to feel barefoot. Minimalist training shoes are lightweight and less bulky than sneakers. It has been observed that a female athlete engaged in the long jump branch maintains, focus and balance comfortably during handstand training with minimalist training shoes, and that is why she prefers shoes. Once more, while a female athlete was training, she felt that the training was more comfortable because the lightweight of the minimalist training shoes prevented her feet from hitting each other. It has a special series of barefoot shoes and minimalist shoes that keep its range wide. Women prefer barefoot flats, shoes at work, and in their routine life. This is because barefoot flats shoes offer you a comfortable lifestyle just like the other shoes described.

People have started to suggest the comfort they experience to their surroundings by switching to wonderful barefoot shoes. With the lightness felt on the feet, your body and soul will rest and you will feel revitalized. It is possible to find barefoot shoes in every color and option for the aesthetic texture of the female body. Barefoot shoes will lighten your load and cooperate with you in the busy work pace, the days we can't keep up with the pace of life and the pace of life we ​​are used to. Who doesn't want to feel the nakedness of their feet like the first day they were born? That's why barefoot shoes are made for you. Whether you are a homemaker, a working woman or an athlete… Barefoot shoes are a shoe that pushes the limits. Just like strong women, just like you.

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