Barefoot Boot

Barefoot Boot

Feet have carried people for life without additional support for thousands of years. For centuries, solutions have been developed for feet. These needs have been designed according to living conditions and have reached the present day. However, today, shoes have also started to be used as an accessory, although it is in need.

Foot health has a great impact on every function of our body. When we prefer shoes that restrict the range of motion, we feel the pain caused by foot pain all over our body. During movement, there is kinetic energy that extends from our toes to our legs, hips, and spine to our upper body. When we think of all our organs as a link in the chain, the combination of weight at a single point will bring health problems. The health of our feet, which is the area where we give our body weight the most, is very important. If we prefer products that mask our foot health, knee pain and back and shoulder pain are inevitable. For this reason, the content of the product used is very important in foot health. Barefoot shoes are so called because they allow you to move your feet like bare feet. Non-barefoot shoes are shoes with varying toe and heel heights. The balance position will be different in shoes with different heel and toe heights. This causes damage to the spine. Since the height is minimal in barefoot style shoes, the weight is spread over the whole body, not the heel or toes. In this way, there is no loss of balance and the action will be more comfortable. Nefes Shoes barefoot boots are designed according to your foot health and posture. Most shoes on the market expect our feet to adapt to them. Barefoot boots are designed according to your foot size. All of the leather and bonding materials used in barefoot boots are natural products. The sole of the barefoot boot is flexible and soft.

Barefoot boots, which are more preferred in autumn and winter, are produced for every foot type. Choosing barefoot boots is the right choice when choosing shoes according to the natural curves of the foot. Since the muscle movement of the feet affects the whole body at every movement, every material from the sole must be suitable for the feet. Barefoot boots eliminate the limited range of motion according to their preferred environment. Barefoot boots, which grip the ground due to wrapping your feet, support the muscles. The fact that there is no height difference in the toe and heel part reduces the heel strikes. Barefoot boots, which prepare the appropriate environment for each toe, ensure that the muscles are strong and flexible. The movement of the toes is important, especially in boots. The natural leather used in making barefoot boots plays an important role in this respect. Because barefoot boots, produced by tanning natural leather, completely take the shape of the foot when worn. In addition, the feet breathe easily with the natural leather used in barefoot boots. Since the feet are in one-to-one contact with the ground during movement, the shoe has an important role between the entire foot and the ground.

Shoes affect posture and balance. While sensory systems are a factor affecting the feet, they are an external influence factor in shoes and affect both the foot and the body. The zero drop feature also reduces the loss of balance in barefoot boots. The external influence factor is hardly felt. In recent years, shoe styles have evolved as mobility has improved. Early humans used the barefoot style to protect their feet. Today, zero drop style shoes have started to be produced due to the fact that they are more reliable for the muscles and the shape of the cushioning is more compatible. When barefoot boots are combined with their zero drop feature, a product has emerged that will be good for your soul and body in every sense. From the sole to the yarn of the barefoot boot, every production stage started with the argument that the shoe should adapt to you, not your shoe. Nefes Shoes has produced barefoot boots, a handmade product of natural leather, for you to feel safe and warm at all times. Remember, you don't need a heavy boot to feel strong and safe. You are safe in every sense with Nefes Shoes barefoot boots.
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