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Authentic Leather Shoes “Yemeni”

Leather has emerged from the beginning of human history to the present within the scope of many needs. With the discovery of people’s processing of leather, the adventure of leather began as a work of art. With the evolution of human beings, leather products have taken their place in many areas from works of art to decoration. One of the products that Show itself in the world market with leather is Yemeni. Yemeni is different from shoes, in that only leather material is used in its production. Yemeni which supports sustainable product design is produced by processing animal skin using traditional methods.

nefes yemeni shoes

Hand-tanned leathers; it has the feature of being sheepskin on the lining and buffalo leather on the base. The sewing of these leathers on the Yemeni is done with a special sewing technique. Applied to make this, product look cleanly and aesthetically. In making these periods, an adhesive is not used. At the stage of sewing, clay is used between skins and leather Yemeni. That's why using clay is to take the ergonomic form of the foot. It acts as an armor against the bacteria and fungus formed during the using Yemeni.

nefes yemeni shoes

 Leather Yemeni, softened by the soaking process, enters the process taking the shape of the foot by being molded. Leather Yemeni is colored with natural dyes, and takes its place in the global market by keeping the traditional concept alive. 

nefes yemeni shoes
In its history colors matched by social status or gender, have the feature of appealing to all segments, regardless of borders. Today, the colors of leather Yemeni shoes are produced for females and males. Female Yemeni can be saviors in fast living conditions. And you can wear, it all over where you want. Being healthy will be your first choice. Carrying the traditional spirit on you in intercultural interaction will make your appearance unique. 
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